What is CubicSDR ?

CubicSDR is the software portion of Software Defined Radio. By Using hardware that converts RF spectrum into a digital stream we are able to build complex radios to do many types of functions in software instead of traditional hardwre.

What can I do with CubicSDR ?

Paired with a supported hardware receiver, you can use CubicSDR to explore the RF world around you. Discover Satellite transmissions, Amateur Radio, Rail, Areonautical, Shortwave, or any number of possible signals floating through the air.


The latest release binaries for Linux, OSX and Windows can always be found on the GitHub releases page:

Supported Hardware

CubicSDR relies on SoapySDR modules from Pothosware for hardware support. Currently SoapySDR has:

Building Guides

Reporting an Issue or suggesting improvements

If you would like to submit a bug report or idea for CubicSDR please use the GitHub issues page.